Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ibiza (spain)

Ibiza: the smallest of the three Balearic Islands, attracts thousands of people from all over Europe each year.

Located close to his big sister Mallorca, Ibiza itself is a leading tourist destination internationally. Known as the capital of electronic music.

Ibiza is one of the best deals of the nightlife in Europe with many nightclubs, bars and nightclubs that have acquired an international reputation mainly because of the many sessions of intense music and dance parties held during the months of summer.

Ibiza sometimes known as Paradise is surrounded by the beauty of the ocean blue of the Mediterranean and decorated with perfect white sand beaches . It is famous for its nightlife but also has a quiet side , despite its idyllic setting , it offers a range of adventure activities and beautiful parks to relax in. guessed yet? Bingo! This is Ibiza ! Each year, there are many tourists (especially the British) who take holidays in Ibiza and it is not surprising that Ibiza beautiful beaches are lined with modern hotels offering you a breathtaking view of the blue sea clear. San Antonio is one of the famous places in Ibiza because of the picturesque marina, it is definitely worth a visit if you go to Ibiza . Is not it just make you want to fly there right away ? I certainly did !

However, the island of Ibiza is world famous not only because of its non-stop party atmosphere , but also for its natural and cultural features . Much of the island is listed under the Sites United Nations World Heritage Site. Treasures underlying this land are endless. From the coast, the traditional landscape of many villages and isolated houses and villas remained intact , preserving the unique character of the island. Ibiza is the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy water sports such as surfing , snorkeling and scuba diving, especially after spending time on the beach on sunny days . The island has several sports facilities along its remarkable coastline and many tourists and locals use this opportunity to cool off when the sun is really on fire. Get to know more about the beautiful Ibiza through our guide of Ibiza tourist information with the largest hotel in Ibiza and offers tours to enjoy the most amazing holiday in Ibiza through its unique culture, beautiful beaches, wild nightlife and friendly people - this unforgettable island boasts with options for both active and relaxing , leaving everyone breathless . No matter what you like , Ibiza will certainly delight you.

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