Saturday, September 7, 2013

Paris (French)

Paris:  the most populated town and capital of France , capital of the Île -de- France and common single - department in the country , is located in center of the Paris Basin , on a bend of the Seine , between its confluence with the Marne upstream and downstream Oise . Its inhabitants are called Parisians. The city is divided into twenty districts .
According to the census of Inseeb  , the Paris Commune were January 1, 2010 more than 2.2 million inhabitants. The Paris metropolitan area has grown significantly during the twentieth century , bringing 10.5 million at January 1, 2010  , and its urban area ( the city and the urban periphery ) were approximately 12.2 million inhabitants on 1 January 2010 . It is one of the most populated cities in Europe .

The position of Paris , at a crossroads between land and river trade routes and in the heart of a rich agricultural region, is one of the main cities of France during the tenth century , with royal palaces , wealthy abbeys and a cathedral , during the twelfth century , Paris became one of the first centers in Europe for education and the arts. The royal power setting in this city , its economic and political importance is growing . Thus, in the early fourteenth century, Paris was the largest city of the Christian world . In the seventeenth century, it is the capital of the first European political power in the eighteenth century, the cultural center of Europe and nineteenth centuries the capital of the arts and pleasures . Paris plays a major political and economic role in the history of Europe during the second millennium . Symbol of French culture , with its many monuments, the city attracts the 2000s nearly three million visitors per year1 . Paris also occupies a prominent place in the world of fashion and luxury , it is also the most visited capital in the world.

The city , with its suburbs, the economic and commercial capital of France , and its first financial marketplace . The Paris region, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of 607 billion euros (845 billion dollars) in 2011 is a major European economic actor. It is the 1st European region in terms of GDP and régional2 sixth in GDP per capita PPA . The density of its railway network , highway and airport structure , the hub of French and European aviation network , make it a focal point for international transport. This is the result of a long evolution , especially designs centralizing monarchies and republics , which give a significant role in the capital in the country and tend to concentrate institutions . Since the 1960 , government policies , however, vary between devolution and decentralization.

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