Friday, September 6, 2013

Rome ( italy )

Rome: is the capital of Italy since 1871. It is located in the Lazio region, in the center of the country. With 2,783,300 inhabitants established on 1285 sq km (4,103,250 inhabitants with the town in 2009) , Rome is the most populated municipality of Italy and the third largest expanse of Europe. after Moscow and London, and its urban area is however less important than those of Milan and Naples.
City cradle of Western civilization after Athens, Rome has a history that spans more than two thousand five hundred years. It was the center of the Roman Empire, which dominated Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for over five hundred years from the first century BC. BC to the fifth century AD. BC. Rome occupies a crucial place in Christianity and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican City, a sovereign state whose head is the Pope.
The historic center of Renaissance and Baroque. Rome is the third most visited in Europe after London and Paris and its historic center is listed by UNESCO as a heritage site mondial5 tourist destination.

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