Friday, September 6, 2013

Milan ( italy )

Milan: is an Italian city located in the north of the peninsula. Capital of the region of Lombardy, in the center of the Po Valley, Milan has approximately 1,275,000 inhabitants, making it the second largest city in Italy in terms of population, but represents, with its metropolitan area, the largest area urban country. With 7,123,563 inhabitants in 2009, the Milan metropolitan area is the fourth largest in Europe, after those of Moscow, Paris and London.
Milan is considered the economic heart of Italy and one of the nerve centers of the global mode. Industrial, commercial, financial and academic center, it is the seat of the Italian Stock Exchange and is a major attraction for the administrative offices of various corporations. Thus, Milan is an alpha world city. Milan also has a very important tourist attraction in Italy and Europe, with nearly two million tourists each 1year.

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